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    AC Maintenance in Jacksonville, FLMcGowan's Heating & Air Conditioning has been helping homeowners in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas with our highly-rated AC maintenance services for almost 50 years. We have NATE-certified AC technicians and specialize in Lennox, Carrier, and Trane products, but our expert crew can work on all makes and models. We take pride in being a company that is BBB accredited with an A+ rating.

    Florida has very humid and hot summers, but we intend to keep you comfortable during those times. Our experienced AC tune-up technicians take pride in their work and want to leave you a satisfied customer. After we’re finished, your AC will be blowing efficient, reliable, and effective cool air all summer long.

    Advantages we offer include:

    HVAC Maintenance Tips for New Construction Homeowners

    As a new construction homeowner, it’s important to get familiar with the machines that run your home, including the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit.

    The following are a few tips to keep your air clean and your AC unit working in top shape.

    The air filter makes sure clean air is pumped into your home and keeps proper airflow moving through your unit. Dirty air filters can make your unit work harder and be less energy efficient.

    Check your manual or ask your service provider about the recommended frequency for changing your air filter. As a general rule, air filters should be changed every 1-3 months. Depending on your location and use, it may need to be replaced more frequently. If you have allergies or furry pets, it’s suggested to change your filter once a month.

    Check out our filter store for affordable filter replacement options.

    1. Turn HVAC system off.
    2. Locate cleaning port/float switch (DO NOT ATTEMPT if the system is already experiencing a blockage).
    3. Remove cleaning port cap.
    4. Slowly pour cleaning solution (1 cup of bleach or white vinegar) down PVC drain line.
    5. Follow by slowly pouring 1 gallon of hot water down the PVC drain line. Repeat three times.
    6. Replace cleaning port cap of float switch.
    7. Turn system back on.

    Please be aware that because of a change in materials used in Air Handler Units, some manufacturers no longer recommend vinegar or bleach due to strong vapors that could cause premature oxidation and degradation of the materials.

    Debris in or near your AC unit can clog the filter and wreak havoc on your machine. Keep leaves, dirt, and yard debris away from your unit. Trim plants or bushes and keep them safe distance away so your unit has room to take in clean air. During the off-season, take extra precaution by covering the unit to keep it clean and in good working condition. By keeping your HVAC unit in top shape with clean air filters and regular maintenance, your air conditioner will last much longer.

    Pay close attention to warning signs that could be alerting you of an issue. By taking care of small issues early on, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars on replacement costs.

    If you need HVAC services and repair, call the experts at McGowan’s Heating and Air Conditioning today.

    Quality Jacksonville AC Maintenance

    There are a number of advantages to having an AC tune-up on an annual basis. A maintained air conditioning system will outlast one that has been neglected. It will continue to operate efficiently, saving you money on your utility bill. It will continue to make your home as cool and comfortable as possible. During an AC maintenance visit, our technicians will inspect your entire air conditioning system to ensure everything is operating properly. They will clean out important components and replace air filters if they are dirty. They will lubricate any moving parts, such as a blower motor. Our technicians make sure Jacksonville’s residents have air that is clean and safe following their AC maintenance appointments.

    AC Tune-Up in Jacksonville, FL

    Our technicians will:
    • Operate efficiently
    • Pay close attention to details
    • Answer all of your questions
    • Give you undivided attention
    • Do a professional job

    Comfort Specialists in Northeast Florida

    McGowan's Heating & Air Conditioning provides homeowners with access to highly skilled and qualified AC maintenance technicians. If you hire us, we’ll tell you about any issues we come across and how they can be fixed. Our technicians will also keep your property protected; they’ll even wear booties when in your home. You can rest assured that our technicians are kept current on all advances in cooling technology. We are also known for keeping lines of communication open with our customers. Our pricing is affordable and transparent, so feel free to ask any questions related to our services. We have very high standards for excellence.

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    In addition to performing AC maintenance, we also offer expert AC installation, AC repair, and heating maintenance service. Please call our office today to schedule an appointment in Jacksonville or the surrounding areas of Northeast Florida.