May 12, 2019

Cold winter weather can sap the moisture out of the air and cause your home to feel uncomfortably dry. Dry air contributes to unpleasant issues like static electricity, dry skin, throat irritation and more. Humidifiers are an excellent way to add valuable moisture back into your home.

Take a look at three benefits of having a humidifier, according to our expert technicians here at McGowan's Heating & Air Conditioning:

1. Warm Your Home

Did you know a humidifier can make your home feel warmer? Humidity helps retain heat while dry air feels chillier. Running a humidifier in the winter will help your home retain that cozy warmth while cutting down on how hard your furnace has to work. Once temperatures start to drop, your furnace and humidifier work as a team to keep your home comfortable in a way that lowers your energy bills and is energy efficient.

2. Reduce Static Electricity

A sure sign that you have dry air in your home is a static shock when you touch certain fabrics, a light switch, other people or your pets. Adding moisture back into the air will reduce the annoying and sometimes painful shocks you get when moving about your house.

3. Protect Wood Floors and Furniture

Did you know that dry air can cause wood furniture and hardwood floors to split and crack? Wood is a natural material that requires moisture in order to stay hydrated, flexible and resilient. If you notice gaps opening between the slats in your hardwood floor, it could be due to the moisture levels in your home being too low. A humidifier will bring vital humidity back into the air to keep your wood floors and furniture looking their best.

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