December 18, 2019

Problems with a home’s thermostat are usually not obvious. There aren’t going to be sparks flying out of it. Instead, your home won’t heat or cool properly. If you feel like there’s a problem with the temperature in your home, here are some common thermostat problems and what to do about them.

There’s a Power Problem

If the display is blank on your thermostat, it probably just needs new batteries. If it is running at times when it should be off, make sure the batteries are lithium. Alkaline batteries run out quickly and start causing inconsistent heating and cooling times.

Dust and Debris

The dirt inside your thermostat can cause erratic operation. Remove the cover and clean the inside components. You can use either compressed air or a soft brush. Clean the coil when you have the system turned off and once again at the thermostat’s highest setting.

Inaccurate Temperature Readings

An inaccurate temperature reading can cause your furnace to not start when it should or to not turn off when it should. This can be a result of the thermostat not being located in the correct place. It should be away from outside doors and windows, away from sources of heat, and out of direct sunlight. The best place to locate the thermostat is near the return where the air goes back to the furnace.

You’re Feeling Cold Air Blowing

Check the fan settings on your thermostat. If it’s set to “on,” turn it to “auto.” The “on” setting makes your system’s fan run constantly. The “auto” setting will allow the fan to run only when the AC or heat is on.

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