September 9, 2019

When an HVAC system is working, the dust, dirt, and debris will naturally move throughout the home with the air. An air conditioner filter is there to help prevent all of these allergens from spreading even more.

The AC filters in your home’s HVAC system are vital to its overall health and longevity, so they should be changed regularly. Most air conditioning experts recommend that you change your filters at the beginning of each winter and summer, at the very least. Others advise you do it every three months.

Without properly functioning filters, air cannot flow freely throughout the ducts. Blockages don’t just keep the air conditioner from cooling the home, they can cause formidable damage to the HVAC system and the home as well. The following are some of the negative side effects of dirty AC filters:

  • Overworking AC Unit
  • Condensation on AC unit coils
  • Debris buildup
  • Spotty cooling around the home

Over time, dirty filters are destined to cause extra wear and tear to your HVAC system. Too many times, we run into homeowners who have neglected to ever change their filters and have paid dearly for it. In some instances, it can even cause fires as the debris in the filters and vents can be flammable.

Call the Pros

If you are unfamiliar with changing filters in your AC unit, call a professional HVAC technician to do it for you. In some cases, this may be covered under the maintenance schedule in your factory warranty. Professional technicians understand the exact kind of filters each AC unit needs and can install them in no time. Calling a pro to replace your AC units can save you both time and money.

At McGowan's Heating & Air Conditioning, our technicians can diagnose any issue a home’s air conditioning system is having. If the problem is the filters, we can replace them in no time, giving you the climate control you desire in your house. Call us in Jacksonville, FL, for service related to air conditioning, heating, duct cleaning, and attic insulation. We’re happy to solve many of your household problems.

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