June 20, 2020

Keeping your house’s atmosphere in pristine condition is one of your priorities as a homeowner. In order to do so, you may have been thinking about getting a dehumidifier for a while now. On television, they are depicted as machines that complement appliances such as ceiling fans and air conditioning units.

However, you may have heard from friends that dehumidifiers aren’t as great as they seem. The bottom line is, you want to reduce humidity in your home for the sake of you and your family. Dehumidifiers are helpful devices that can help you achieve a comfortable humidity level. Let’s take a look at some benefits of using dehumidifiers in the summer.

Less Condensation

In the extreme heat of the summer, condensation is bound to form on lots of synthetic and metal surfaces. This makes it slippery and unsightly in general. Condensation also forms in the air, which makes your home incredibly stuffy and unpleasant to live in. You need to regain control over the atmosphere of your home.

A dehumidifier reduces condensation in the air and on the ground. After just a few minutes of dehumidifying, you’ll notice a difference. Whether you’re sitting on the couch or cooking, you’ll feel much more comfortable going about your daily life. While condensation isn’t technically a bad thing, most people don’t enjoy the feeling of thick condensation as they are trying to relax.

Less Mold

Mold is an intrusive and harmful result of condensation. In the presence of many water droplets, mold naturally forms on your doors and floors. This is a terrible sight to wake up to every morning. It detracts from the beauty of your home and makes guests uneasy about the home they are entering. Moreover, mold eats away at the foundation of your home and causes issues in the long run. As any experienced homeowner will tell you, you simply cannot ignore mold and hope it goes away.

A dehumidifier reduces the amount of condensation overall, which in turn reduces the chance of mold growth. Remember, not all types of mold are green and smelly like you might normally be accustomed to. Mold can come in all shapes and colors, some of which are nearly invisible to the untrained eye. Just because you don’t have mold in your home, doesn’t mean a dehumidifier isn’t necessary. Use the dehumidifier to prevent mold from forming at all.

Environmentally Friendly

In the absence of a dehumidifier, your home may still feel unusually hot and humid. In response, you might turn on the AC to its maximum setting for some relief. While this usually does solve the immediate problem, it’s really not the best solution. Cooler air isn’t supposed to counteract high humidity. Cooler air is supposed to counteract high temperatures. In essence, the AC is a band-aid solution that doesn’t get to the root of the problem, which is the high humidity itself.

By dehumidifying the air, you’re avoiding the need to run your AC nonstop. As we all know, these units use an absurd amount of energy if they’re turned on and are blowing at full blast. While dehumidifiers clearly use energy as well, it’s to a much lesser degree than their AC counterparts. In order to go green, turn off your AC in favor of a dehumidifier.

Cleaner Air

Dehumidifying leads to cleaner air as well. As discussed, dehumidified air most definitely contains less moisture. However, a dehumidifier also removes other harmful particles from the air. It collects a little bit of dust and debris while doing its job. For individuals who are sensitive to dust particles, this removal is a lifesaver. You’ll be able to breathe deeply in the comfort of your own home without worrying about nefarious particles in the air.

Keep in mind, not all of these particles are necessarily bad for your health. It’s simply better to inhale pure oxygen like you might expect. Clean air is often associated with a serene home in the countryside, but you can bring it to your own home with a basic dehumidifier. Place the device in the heart of your home for best results.

Complement Appliances

In the summertime, you’re bound to have a fan or AC unit on to combat the heat. You should know that a dehumidifier complements these appliances very well. When you turn your fan on, air currents circulate around the room. This blows air into the dehumidifier, which purifies the air and regurgitates it back out. This cycle is extremely efficient overall and is a good pairing at its core.

A similar cycle occurs with AC units. Air conditioning cools the air off, letting the dehumidifier do its job with even less energy. Even when you turn a fan or AC off, don’t be afraid to continue to let the dehumidifier run. The dehumidifier is self-regulated, which means it won’t dry the air too much and leave you with no moisture at all.

Good Season to Try

The summer is a good season to try out a dehumidifier. As mentioned before, you might be on the fence about this appliance and whether an investment is truly worth it for your family. Having some doubt is reasonable. If you’re ever going to use a dehumidifier, the summer is a fantastic opportunity to do so. With higher temperatures and higher humidity, you’ll be able to experience the full effects of the device. One day, don’t turn on the dehumidifier and see what your home feels like. The next day, turn on the appliance and see just how much of a difference it makes.

In addition, you’ll be able to try out lots of configurations. Switch the dehumidifier from low to medium to high. Position it in your living room in the morning and near the closet in the afternoon. In the wintertime, temperatures are much colder, and this sort of experimentation isn’t nearly as effective. There are many ways to set up a dehumidifier, and the summer is an excellent time to try them all when you have some time on your hands. Remember, you only need to find the one configuration that works the best.

Installing a Dehumidifier

After all is said and done, you might be highly interested in a dehumidifier by now. When it comes to these devices, it’s all about quality. A good dehumidifier can last for many years and keep your house in a temperate state all the time. Contact McGowan’s Heating and Air Conditioning to install your dehumidifier without a hitch in your Jacksonville home.

We are experts in the benefits of these appliances and are eager to help you set one up in your home. Our customer service representatives are always ready to discuss dehumidifiers and why one would be beneficial for your home. Before the summer arrives, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’re available all the time and can come to your home for a quick estimate and consultation. We also provide heating, cooling, indoor air quality, and attic insulation services.

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