Attic insulation for your Jacksonville home

You may think that our warmer climate means that attic insulation in Jacksonville homes isn’t needed. While we may not have months of severe weather as much colder places do, upgrading the insulation in your attic has a number of money- and energy-saving benefits.

Why it’s important to upgrade your attic insulation

According to the Department of Energy, 50 to 70 percent of the energy consumed in the average American home is due to heating and cooling. Much of that energy

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use is the result of heat moving through the ceiling, so sufficient insulation

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in your attic can have a significant effect on energy consumption. By upgrading your attic’s insulation, you

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can save hundreds of dollars each year.

Insulation is classified by its R-value. This is a rating of the effectiveness of the insulation that’s measured by its ability to resist heat

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flowing through it over time. When you have insulation with a higher R-value, less heat escapes your home during winter months and less heat enters in the summer. This more moderate heat flow results in reduced cooling

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and heating costs.

How to determine if you need more insulation

Adding insulation to your attic is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to realize savings. If you know the R-value of your existing insulation, you can get an idea of whether you have adequate amounts by measuring it with a ruler. Multiply the R-value by the number of inches to get your own insulation rating. If it’s under R-19, it’s very likely that you could benefit by having additional insulation.

You can also visually inspect your attic to gauge your insulation protection. If you look across your attic at see that the insulation is below or level with your floor joists (or your joists are easily seen), you should add insulation. It’s important to also ensure that the insulation is evenly distributed across the full span of your attic out to the eaves.

Types of attic insulation

In general, there are four types of home insulation:

  • Loose-fill, usually composed of cellulose or fiberglass
  • Batts and rolls (also referred to as blankets), made from fiberglass, rock wool or other mineral fibers
  • Foam-in-place, usually used in walls
  • Rigid foam, typically costlier than fiber types of insulation but with high R-values

As long as a quality product is used, the kind of new insulation material you add to your attic space does not have to be the same type that you currently have. Loose fill can be added on top of a layer of fiberglass blankets or batt and vice versa.

Learn more about insulating your attic

There’s plenty of information online about attic insulation, such as the guide on the Energy Star website. Some insulation applications can be DIY, but the best investment is often calling on a professional installer. McGowan’s trained technicians will calculate your insulation needs and recommend the type of product that will give your home the most effective protection from extreme temperatures. We’re also a Pre-qualified Contractor in partnership with the Jacksonville Electric Authority — visit the JEA site for more information on available rebates.

Call us now at 904-278-0339 or complete the form at right. Currently, you can save 10 percent in November or five percent in December on our expert attic insulation services in Jacksonville.

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